Photographer : Sam ( MM#1020555 )
Model : Narcissa ( MM#1024566 | website )
These were something fun we did, while doing a test shoot for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's "Maramalade Cat (Milly Mix)" video.
Sam-R 2012

Last week, Narcissa and I did a photo shoot to test the costume and the set for the video we're working on for Black Tape For A Blue Girl's "Marmalade Cat (Milly Mix)." We funded the video via your support at Kickstarter. The wig and the ears and the set look great. The costume, not so great (and absent from these photos!). We did shoot lovely photos for the cover of Tenderotics and also the ones I've posted here. It's back to the drawing board for the outfit. Enjoy. : )
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